A Patagonian Paradise.

An unparalleled lakeside landscape surrounded by native forests of coihues, ñires and lengas and crossed by rivers, streams, and waterfalls, where tranquillity is the main character.
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Enjoy all the year round!

Each season has its own charm and allows us to live different experiences: beaches, trekking, fishing, and snow activities. Come and discover them!
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Nature, tranquility and quality services

Our place is ideal to explore unique secrete nature places and enjoy its outstanding landscapes. Combine with its first level Hotel Services and Gastronomy it creates a unforgettable tourist experience.
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Villa la Angostura

Villa La Angostura is immersed in one of the most beautiful National Parks in Latin America and surrounded by the main protected areas of Patagonia.
Located in the heart of the "Seven Lakes Route", it´s the gateway to The Arrayanes National Park.

Beaches, forests and mountains combine their colors, and create new beautiful sceneries each season.


Villa la Angostura
Villa la Angostura
Villa la Angostura
Villa la Angostura
Villa la Angostura

Tranquility, nature and adventure


The heart of Patagonia.

Villa la Angostura is snow

Cerro Bayo is a new Sky resort concept, which attempts an integrated development between first level services and activities for the whole family.

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